Danum-Maliau-Imbak (DaMaI), is one of the last extremely biodiverse ecosystems in Asia. It is the habitat of numerous megafauna species, such as the Bornean orangutan, which are in danger of extinction. It has been declared an area of utmost importance due to the variety of birds found there. Unfortunately, illegal logging and hunting have increased in recent years due to the limited protection of the forest. Global conservation is actively fighting against illegal activities with enhanced technology, the training of local communities, and continuous vigilance. Work is underway to make it a World Heritage Site and to increase its area of protection

Common name Bornean orangutan

Scientific name Pongo pygmaeus

Status IUCN Critically endangered

Distribution Borneo Island in Malaysia and Indonesia

Population 104,700 individuals

Trend Decreasing

Threats Habitat loss and fragmentation and illegal hunting.

Photo by Gerardo Ceballos

Photo by Global Conservation

Distribution, habits, and status

Historically, the Bornean orangutan was widely distributed on the island of Borneo. Unfortunately, habitat loss has caused its disappearance from large regions of the island. It is mostly found in the lowlands of the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, as well as Kalimantan in Indonesia. It prefers lowland forest up to 500 masl; however, they can live in up to 1500 masl. They are the largest arboreal mammals in the world and are very important seed dispersers, contributing to the health of the forests.