Stop Extinction is aligned with the 2050 Vision for Biodiversity which was adopted by the Convention on Biological Diversity and seeks a world “living in harmony with nature.”

Stop Extinction is developing concrete steps to influence both policy decisions at local and national levels and citizen actions to catalyze a global-scale movement to stop species extinction.

International Policy

Our efforts will focus on policy change initiatives and international political discourse on wildlife conservation. By working with governments and a wide range of civic and scientific organizations, we can improve the effectiveness of initiatives that address the worlds’ current toughest challenge: Stopping the unprecedented rate of species extinction. Our advocacy will focus on two areas:

  • Legal and illegal wildlife trade, and
  • Wildlife conservation investments

Stop Extinction Pledge

Stop Extinction encourages commitments from all sectors of society, including decision makers, the business community, and civic and professional organizations, to adopt the following actions:

  • Become informed and help other learn about native wildlife.
  • Do not purchase wild animals as pets
  • Report illegal trade of wildlife
  • Do not release wild pets in nature
  • Pressure officials at all levels of governance to address SPECIES EXTINCTION now
  • Volunteer in wildlife projects
  • Donate to organizations that work to protect endangered species
  • Visit and support protected areas and wildlife parks systems